VSCode Extensions that every developer should use

Koushik Thota
4 min readFeb 26, 2022

Install these and thank me lateršŸ˜‰

Material Icon Theme

Programmers deal with a vast number of files of different types and extensions, and it becomes cumbersome to identify those files as the code base grows over time. Material Icon theme VSCode extension makes File Icons more vibrant in color and makes it easy to identify the files from one another.


YAML can be a nightmare to validate and setup for people working on it (Devops/InfraOps). One extra space or incorrect tab can result in an invalid YAML file and takes ages to debug. This extension is a savior and it should definitely be on your list.

Remote ā€” SSH

This extension lets you SSH into any remote machine. This makes it much easier to develop and/or troubleshoot in a wide variety of scenarios involving cloud or on-prem virtual machines. You also donā€™t need any source code on your local machine, because the extension runs commands and other extensions directly on the remote machine.

Code Spell Checker

This extension is a basic spell checker that works well with camelCase code like C,C++, and JavaScript. It helps catch common spelling errors while keeping the number of false positives low.

Code Runner

This extension is used to run a particular snippet of code rather than running the whole file/project by highlighting code either through predefined keyboard shortcuts or with the help of your mouse. This brings in functionality which SQL editors used to have.

Live Server

This is a really good extension for Web Developers to run their live version of code. Features include launching local development servers with live reloading, incorporating shortcuts for starting and stopping servers, hotkey controls, remote connections, and chrome debugging.


One more famous extension which literally brings in the Git into VSCode. GitLens helps developers quickly navigate and understand how their code is being changed, edited, altered, and causing conflicts.

Code Time

This extension is an interesting one. Code Time keeps you accountable for your productivity by tracking your time and can help you segment which projects youā€™re working on the most. It gives real time metrics on your code stats, lines, keystrokes, and many more.

Parquet Viewer

This is something a data engineer/ Big data engineer can relate to. Reading a parquet file is not straightforward and it requires either converting it to JSON or using a specific tool to make it readable. This extension solves it by auto-converting the parquet file to a JSON presentation of the same.


This extension is used to jump out of quotes, brackets in code, which is one of the most requested features among developers which can save a ton of time.


As the name implies, this extension is used to bookmark certain sections of your code to quickly get back to them without you going on an endless scrolling spree.



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