Data Engineering Learning Path — Udemy Edition

Jumpstart your career in Data Engineering with this roadmap

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Clive Humby coined the phrase:

“Data is the new oil”

and just like oil before, data is shaping the new world.

The significance of Data Engineering has grown at a mammoth scale and is in very high demand in the recent times with the impending growth of data that organizations are consuming.

And as a person who is a data engineer or wants to be a data engineer, there are certain skills required in order to suffice in the Data Engineering world.

I have curated a learning path with a set of Udemy courses to serve as a guide for aspiring data engineers. The links to the courses are embedded within the title of each topic. Hover over the topic to view the link and click on it to redirect to the course

Programming & Scripting

  1. Core Python
  2. Object Oriented Programming in Python
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
  4. Shell Scripting with Linux

SQL and Data Warehousing Concepts

  1. SQL Fundamentals
  2. Data Warehouse Fundamentals & Data Warehousing Practice Exams
  3. Snowflake

Big Data Fundamentals

  1. Big Data Bootcamp
  2. Apache Spark in Python
  3. Spark Streaming in Python
  4. Apache Spark in Scala
  5. Apache Spark Advanced
  6. Apache Kafka

Cloud Architecture & System Design

  1. Mastering System Design
  2. Architecting solutions in AWS

Data Engineering on Cloud

  1. Data Engineering in AWS
  2. Data Engineering in Azure
  3. Data Engineering in GCP


  1. MongoDB
  2. Redis
  3. Elasticsearch
  4. Cassandra

Data Ops, Orchestration and CICD

  1. Git Bootcamp
  2. DevOps for Developers
  3. Apache Airflow
  4. Datadog

Analytics & Visualization (Good to Have, but not mandatory)

  1. Power BI
  2. Tableau

Machine Learning (Good to Have, but not mandatory)

  1. Machine Learning Fundamentals
  2. Machine Learning in AWS
  3. Machine Learning in Azure

Trending and Emerging Data Stack

  1. DBT

Comment below if you think any other course can be added to the list.

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